BMW 525i – How Many Miles Will I Do?

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About Beemo the BMW 525i

Beemo, a 2006 model BMW 525i, was first on the road in January 2007. 

The purpose of this website is to have a bit of fun, and share the journey with you all. 


Ultimately, I will run this car for as long as I can, and my initial target is to reach 500,000 KM (310,752 miles). Upon starting this website, in December 2018, I am now on 184,000 KM. 

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Strategy to 500,000 KM

I have heard from several people that BMW’s should be sold after they reach 100,000 miles. I am not convinced and call Bullshit on this. 

The strategy I will be following is simple – minimal redline, regular oil change (c. 10,000 KM), and regularly change out other fluids as required (transmission, power steering, breaks, etc… ) 


These are some of the sickest decks you’ll ever see.

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